I was sipping Native Spirit Tequila with L.J., and friends in Cabo. She told us beautiful stories of her people. The next day I wrote this.

I suffer as my ancestors did, the Wiyot Tribe.
You can beat us and even kill us but we are strong of spirit, the Wiyot people.
We believe in and respect Mother Nature and the people of the earth.
We love and respect life which marks an evolved state of being oneness with the earth.
We hope that all of us will follow the path of good and whole as we do.
I am in paradise and I need to find purpose in my life.
I believe as my ancestors did, in peace and love.
Native Spirit Tequila is my gift to society and the world.
I hope that this brings you freedom as it did for me while riding my horse and appreciating the beauty of life.
Cheers from my ancestors in spirit.


John C. Porter